Neo-Nomadic Village Vision



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The neo-nomad refers not only to one who moves upon this earth but to the creative, flowing, wandering, wondering essence of our being and the shifting levels of our consciousness.

For many reading this, a sense of movement , be it through dance, sound frequencies, mental and emotional expansion and/or freedom of expression, has already brought us together in what we refer to as our "tribal" community. Now is the time to take what we give life to in our gatherings in to our every days; it is time to bring our RESONANCE INTO RESIDENCE. We come together, to "get" her/Gaia wisdom and to live it, wildly, with faith towards the Divine becoming of:

  • an experiential model for transitioning from an egocentric based greed culture to a commucentric non-competitive village culture based in the expectancy of universal equanimity.
  • the realization of abundant balance available to humanity through appropriate use of collective shelter, land, food, personal growth/skill sharing opportunity, ritual, humane connection, non-hierarchical appreciation, non-violent communication, trust, flow, honesty, transparency, creativity, intermobility, and interdepenancy in a way that is harmonious with our universal environment.
  • a lifestyle that fosters the true freedom that comes not of ownership and possession, but of the joyful flow of connectedness, peace, and creativity within one’s community.
  • a thriving calmunity with awareness of socio-economic and substance mis-use patterns that isolate rather than unify and willingness to rectify imbalances.
  • a knew ecoknomic collective based on the triple songlines (otherwise referred to as "bottomlines") of empowerment, sustenance and compassion that promote aesthetic and intellectual experiences not exclusively related to surviving the current economic paradigm.
  • a village collective co-improvisioned and maintained in conjunction with the dreams of the individual. Ultimately, the dreams of the Universe, the village and the individual are the same though expressed uniquely. A curious exploration of how the individual and collective needs/dreams can be met simultaneously.
  • a collective of co-improvisionaries (CIVS) committed to the ecoknomic sustenance of a non-insular village life. What is created within the village is to be shared with the community at large through workshops, cultural exchange programs, gatherings and open house pod visits. We inspire and empower all as we nurture the unfolding of the response able "social butterfly".

**Who is a Neo-Nomadic villager?**

A villager is also referred to here as a co-improvisionary or, CIV. These are beings who embody and are ready to carry forward their abilities to co-laborate/create, improvise, provide and vision their reality. Each villager is an individual and equal CIV (as in, we allow ourselves to be like sieves: responsible for catching what is ours and letting all else pass through us).

A Neo-Nomadic villager acknowledges that the current cultural paradigm is changing and that it indeed needs to be allowed to change. You have the willingness and courage necessary for personal growth and faith to face the unknown and you are in diverse/unique places within this reality that might resonate with one of these statements:

  • You desire a shared home/lifestyle with intimate community actively creating, moving into, a new paradigm. (Keeper)
  • You resonate with the village vision and do not require long term housing preferring a more nomadic existence with a home base(s). (Mobiles)
  • You believe in and support the vision funancially and are not ready to live in/commit to shared space existance. (Visitor)
  • You are looking for truly ethical investment and truly wish to connect with deep community when you make time for it. (Visitor or Resource Donor)

As diverse as our current realities may be, and the geographic distance between us, what unifies the villagers at this time is our values and desires:

  • A desire for universal equanimity which would mean affecting the current economic greed and violence based paradigm by living another way . Recognition that an ecosystem is a unified whole.
  • A desire to practice and implement non-violent, transparent communication skills, personal awareness development and deepening relationship.
  • A desire to co-exist in harmony with all earthlings including the two legged, the four legged, the furred, feathered, finned, photosynthesists and phosphoressence.
  • A desire to share and be shared; blurring the lines between inclusive and exclusive

A "villager" is not an exclusive, insular entity but a term for the microcosmic form of existing as community within the macrocosmic blend that is community at large.

"When you really want something its because that desire originated in the Soul of the Universe. When you want something with all your heart, that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World. It’s always a positive force."
- "The Alchemist", Paolo Coehlo

**Roles of the Villagers***

Each pod will consist of Keepers, Mobiles and Visitors with designated roles in village life designed to meet our/the communities needs and desires and activate our gifts. The requirements for commitment and movement equalize comfort with effort.

Keepers: (specifics listed below) Keepers live in a pod for a minimum of six moons. They are required to visit each of the other pods for one week during that time to interconnect, learn and share.

Mobiles: CIVs who do not require a long-term housing commitment preferring to flow at will between the pods (space permitting) with a minimum commitment of one week to each pod every six moons.

Divine Vestor Visitors: Less participatory CIVs who contribute to each pod for one week per year.

The village population will consist of 5-6 Keepers for each pod , 5-8 Mobiles and 4 Divine Vestor visitors for a total of 24 - 30 neo-nomadic villagers in this first five year phase.

Your participation may change at any time during the five year vision. ie: a keeper may become a visitor or the reverse (pending space availability).

**Keepers and their activating essences:**

Keepers are the key activators of the visioning, functioning and fullfillment of the village. Through the sharing of our gifts/essence we give meaning to our existence. Meaning is to Spirit as food is to the body.

Earth Keeper - sustenance for the organic body/s of the the village. Garden creation/maintenance and other food gathering including shopping and storing food. Meal planning and delegation of meal preparation which will be shared.

Sky Keeper - organize workshops for the village and surrounding community (generating funancial sustenance for the village); skills sharing, meditation/awareness practices, communication workshops and other ongoing mind sustenance for villagers.

Spirit Keeper - Sustenance/honouring for spirit(s) through the initiation, creation, enactment and maintenance of rituals and alters. Rituals for all pods include welcoming, rites of passage, seasonal changes, conflict resolution, unions etc. The types of rituals will be united throughout the collective but may be enacted uniquely to the pod.

Medicine Keeper - practitioner of healthkeeping modality offering basic preventative, mindbodyspirit sustenance. Co-ordinator of yoga, tai chi, outdoor activity etc sessions for the village and keeper of plant based medicines and cleaning supplies for the pod.

Celebration Keeper - these are "pro-parties" we are adopting and we all love to dance and move! Organizes and/or provider of music/dance/movement events for the villagers and community.

Title Keeper - Connect and communicate with potential divine vestors/co-improvisionaries on an ongoing basis. Maintainer of property taxes. Liason with lawyers as necessary for land adoptions. Organization and networking support for the pods ecoknomic sustenance activities.

Keeper activities may be shared/joined depending on the needs of the pod and diversity of gifts.

Keepers will conduct council regularly within each pod. All keepers will convene twice yearly for vision councils to represent the entire collective. Each pod will host one large gathering rotating every six months as a time to have vision council, share and connect. This may also be a fundraiser and an open house for the community to connect with villagers.

Meeting the ongoing needs of the village is the first priority. As these are met, individuals are encouraged to pursue there personal dreams with the support of the villagers in whatever form might be offered/available. We will continue to explore how communal and individual needs can be met simultaneously rather than hierarchically.

***Proposed Village Activation Sites***

The village collective will consist of three pods potentially activated in the Cowichan Valley, the Sunshine Coast and the Kootneys/Caribou forming a geographic and energetic triangle with Vancouver being the central rhythmic heartspace. The symbol of the triangle, resonating as the number three, is the creative triad , the originating creative impulse that divides and reunites into a particular form.

There are many smaller pods/houses already self-activated within the urban rental paradigm serving as inspiration for the vision to expand into areas of greater self-sustenance. Through these forces bringing us together, we enter the universal grid of co-existance. Each physical space will be 5+ acres with existing shared housing for 8-12 co-improvisionaries, arable land for food, ample water (micro-hydro potential preferred),collective workshop/studio/healing space for gathering and possibility of yurt/alternative housing expansion. Utilizing resources already consumed by humans, existing housing, is a strong part of the vision of abundance through sharing.

Recently, adoption of land for the purpose of ceremony and large celebrations has been asked for as part of the pod collective. This would be pro-party with more land and shelters appropriate for gatherings rather than living space. Celebration keepers may live on the land as stewards or incorporate camping visits for spiritual and physical upkeep of the site within the rotations.

**Divine Vestment**

Divine Vestment is the conscious Divestment of personal egocentric illusion and the practice of hoarding the energy form known as money in banking institutions. It is the Investment in new culture flow at the boundaries of the current socio-economic paradigm. A vested interest in divine experience. We consciously divest of our personal egocentric illusions coinciding with investment in a new communal culture at the boundaries of the current paradigm.

The vision to adopt three pro-parties for the pods is estimated at $1.6 million mortgage free. This allows for a committed, de-stressed environment in which to thrive. An additional $200,000 is required for the proposed permanent ceremonial/celebration site.

There is a five year commitment of these funds required. After this period, you may opt to have your funds returned to you and move on receiving the experience as "interest". All funds will be held in TRUST until sufficient trust is collected to allow the pro-parties to be adopted. As land is secured, divine vestors will be recorded on a title document for the collective.

The divine vestment for one adult, a couple or family (one or two adults with 1 child on a full or part-time basis) is the same because the village requires and acknowledges the value of this diversity of relationships in order to thrive. Because physical space within the dwellings is limited, families will share a room with their child or, a children’s room will be created for several of the pod’s children to share. Currently, many of the villagers are part-time parents/co-parents.

The minimum divine vestment is $30,000. Because we are functioning through trust and transparency, those who have more, will divine vest more into this life experience.

Potential pro-parties will be viewed on an ongoing basis for consideration by the growing collective. As sufficient divine vestments are received, pod sites will be adopted. The vision is for the first pod to activate within one year. The location of the first pod will be dependant on the needs of the collective.

**Equity and Equanimity**

The current equity of the vision is $350,000 - 650,000 based on the divine vestments of two-three visionaries who are in service to co-improvision the village. These divine vestors will have no more say or "power" than any other. We are commited to equanimity, transparency, non-hierarchical co-existence, cooperation/co-creation and trust. The village requires a further 24 divine vestors with a minimum of $30,000 each. It is envisioned that 4-8 of these divine vestors will contribute up to $100,000.

As we recognize our equanimity of "status", we also recognize the extraordinary needs of certain village members such as adolescents, mother/fathers with young children, elders and physically challenged members. Villagers will endeavor to be honest and transparent with our needs and allow for the necessary adjustments within the village to accommodate the well-being of all.

**Other costs and regeneration**

Property taxes will be equalized over the pro-parties and contributed to equally amongst the visionary units. The estimate for this is $200 per visionary per year once fully activated.

Pod keepers are responsible for the utilities, food, maintenance and house insurance (fire coverage)* for the pod. Mobiles and Divine Vestment Visitors are required to contribute to ongoing expenses relative to their time in each pod. (*house insurance is not legally required on mortgage free pro-parties. The collective will decide if insurance is a requirement.)

Maintenance and repairs of each pod will be taken from a collective fund.

Each pod will contribute and maintain two bio-diesel vehicles for shared use.

Funds/support for the collective will be generated through workshops for the community, and celebratory gatherings. Any home-based businesses operating from the village will contribute 10% to the village regeneration fund.Each pod, and/or the collective are encouraged to create an ecoknomic sustainability action (small business) that all villagers participate in for the sustenance of the collective and sponsorship of outreach programs. This sustainability action may be activated through the collective or uniquely through the geographic pods. Funds will be allocated where there is need regardless of where the funds were generated.

Non divine vestment Visitors interested in the Village are welcome for daily stays at $20 per stay with a max of a one week stay unless specified otherwise by the village. Wwoofers will be welcomed as required.

What happens at the end of the five years?

The village and the pods will have the momentum required for their continued flowing sustenance, or not. If any one pod is clearly not sustainable, the village collective has the first option to rectify it and/or liquidate the pod land in order to allow the divine vestments to be reclaimed by the villagers of that pod. If villagers from various pods require reclamation, the individual pods may be consolidated and pro-parties released as needed.

Any increase in pro-party value at the time it might be released will be distributed relative to the initial divine vestment of the visionary less 5% to be contributed to the ongoing sustenance of the remaining village. If this 5% constitutes more than the value increase, it will not be required.

Any decrease in pro-party value at the time of release will be absorbed by the individual visionaries.

This vision has been channeled/activated by visionaries who share the desire to be in village. Consider this call to co-improvision our lives together. A meeting is planned for late December.



"Inventing the future requires giving up control. No one with a compelling purpose and a great vision knows how it will be achieved. One has to be willing to follow an unknown path, allowing the road to take you where it will. Surprise, serendipity, uncertainty and the unexpected are guaranteed on the way to the future." -- George Land

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