Picture Yourself



blue flower

Create the gorgeous curiosity your life was meant to be." - Rob Breszny


Not knowing how to relate to the natural world, we are uncertain how to relate with the human world.

Photography is a gift with which we can FOCUS our attention to the areas within the unconscious that need to be EXPOSED so that we can live our lives in harmony. Nature offers the meaningful context in which to see ourselves more clearly and connect with our own nature.

Picture Yourself is a five hour hands-on phototherapy version of the Taro Natura tailored to clients in Substance Misuse Recovery.

This workshop is comprised of one 3½ hour session and one 1½ hour session, preferably run over two days. In the first session, participants view existing images of nature and answer a series of questions for each image to begin to access what is alive, what is ripe inside of them to be recognized and received as inner guidance. They are then given cameras and one roll of film and taken on a group outing to capture/receive images from nature that mirror aspects of how they are, how they want to be, what they want to let go of and the joy and creativity they are welcoming into their lives.

In the second session, photos will be returned to the individuals and "processed" with guidance from the facilitator to nurture deeper realization and understanding of the significance they have received from nature. Other symbolic sight exercises based in the Native American Medicine Wheel/Animal Totems, the I Ching and Taoism will also be woven into this expansive, "connect the dots" session to help clients continue to see themselves in new, creative ways that open one to the natural cycles of being. Cameras are supplied.

Suggested Fee: $500 for the workshop with a maximum
of 12 participants plus film and processing cost of $18 per person