Taro Natura Haiku



red flowers on water

Create the gorgeous curiosity your life was meant to be." - Rob Breszny


A gentle unfolding of the lotus flower that we are
and seeing where you are
within the those thousands of petals

Perception is a creative process. Each human mind constructs its own reality out of the masses of data that reaches it throughout a lifetime. Habitual confusion has become epidemic.

Symbols and images of nature break through the spells of the obvious accessing and igniting the powerful language of the unconscious, reconnecting us with our natural selves and cycles beyond the stories. This two hour writing, seeing and group listening exercise provides significant direction for your life journey.

Taro Natura Haiku will gracefully align you with what is truth for you, now.

There exists a widespread notion that our intelligence has freed us from the "constraints of nature" however, the truth is that we just no longer recognize nature's exquisite interconnectedness. - David Suzuki

Every one on earth is married
and only death grants divorce. - Antero Alli

"One of the major tasks of the spiritual seeker is to identify as precisely as
possible the factors that are responsible for perpetuating our cycle of
dissatisfaction and then to apply the most appropriate antidote to
their destructiveness." - Lama Yeshe, Introduction to Tantra