WabiSabi of Wasabi

Wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy that nurtures all that is Authentic by acknowledging three realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

To accept these realities is to acknowledge that clarity and grace can be found in unvarnished existence, in the creation and recognition of beauty in the presence of all Life, valuing imperfection as much as what might be called perfection.

The theme for Burning Man 2006 was Hope and Fear: The Future. It seemed to me that this Theme as coaxing us to acknowledge both aspects in paradoxical harmony rather than chose sides. As an art installation for the event, the images created here utilized the intense power of the green goddess Wasabi to invoke the intensity of all possible emotion.

I found the experience of witnessing this process of one “moving through” the intensity and the resulting images to defy definition of being either Hope or Fear, as to be in defiance of the limitations of an absolute.

And so it was that wasabi, held in the state of Wabi Sabi brought forth the essence of Paradox, the dark crystal which shows us that where negative forces exist so do positive, and where positive so too negative.

"When both sides of any polarity are experienced as equal in value, a transformation begins; an alchemical union of opposites. One outcome of this union if an expanded experience of who we are, as well as more flexibility in the way we think about ourselves." Antero Alli